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How to use Your Tablet or Android or iPad/iPhone and also Windows OS phones as a second monitor for you Computer

If you’ve bought yourself a new Nexus 9 or another tablet, you may well have an old device laying around that you no longer need. Before you sell it or give it away, you might want to consider giving it a new lease of life as a second monitor for your computer or laptop. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from doing the same with a phone such as the Galaxy Note 4 or Moto X, but it makes more sense with a tablet with a larger screen. If you like the idea of gaining a little extra desktop space, or want a way to keep things better organised, here's how to extended
your desktop onto your tablet – no cables needed!

Splashtop Extended Display is a cheap way to put an old tablet to great use as a second monitor. ©Tochukwupa
To transform your tablet into an extra monitor, you'll need to grab a copy of Splashtop Extended Display HD – there's a free trial of the app available that you can used to test it out to see if it's the right tool for you. You will also need a copy of the desktop software, Splashtop Streamer, which is available for Windows and Mac. In this post we're going to focus on the Windows side of things, but the process is virtually identical for Mac users.

Install desktop software

Download a copy of Splashtop Streamer – be sure to select the Personal option – and run through the installation process. During the installation, there are no unusual settings to configure, but you may want to select the "Just myself" option so that desktop extension is only available to your own user account.

Move to the Status tab and click the Create a Splashtop Account link. Enter your name and choose a password, and then click Create Account. Once the account has been created, you can use the same credentials to log into it. Install mobile app With your computer ready for action, you need to get the app installed on your tablet. Grab yourself a copy of Splashtop Extended HD from Google Play. Fire up the app and you'll be warned that the app lets you connect to your desktop for 5 minutes at a time – just tap Go to continue.
Make sure that your computer and tablet are connected to the same network and tap Continue followed by Finish. You should find that your computer is automatically detected by your tablet – tap the computer name to get connected. Getting connected To keep the connection safe, the app makes use of a security code which you will need to configure. Return to the desktop app and move to the Security tab. Enter and confirm the password you would like to use, and then enter the same authentication information on your tablet.
desktop extension 3 Secure your tablet with a password to keep the connection safe. © tochukwupa
To avoid having to keep entering this password time and time again, you can opt to save it by checking the relevant option. Once you are connected, tap Continue after reading through the introductory hints.
desktop extension 4 Windows and apps can be easily moved from tablet to monitor and back. © TOCHUKWUPA
The first thing you'll want to do is let the app know where your tablet is in relation to your monitor so that your mouse will move from one screen to the other correctly. Tap your tablet with three fingers and tap the third icon. This will bring up the display settings control panel on your computer and you need to drag the images of the two monitors (one representing your computer monitor, and the other representing your tablet) so they are in the correct positions relative to each other.
desktop extension 5 Accessing Windows or OS X on your tablet is weird to start with... but quite cool! © TochukwuPa
You can use your tablet to house program windows, use the on-screen keyboard to enter text, and much more.

In many ways, using your tablet as a second monitor is more useful than using a dedicated monitor because it introduces touchscreen options without the need to splash out on an expensive touch screen monitor. In the trial version of the app you will only be able to stay connected for five minutes at a time.

There's nothing to stop you from immediately reconnecting, but if you would like to avid this extra step you can upgrade to the full version of the app for £3.08) Have you tried using your tablet as an extra monitor for your computer? What do you use it for?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Keshi insists his destiny is not tied to Nigeria

Keshi 469958_heroa

        Stephen Keshi has said that he is not worrying over if Nigeria will offer him a new deal, as his present concern is to qualify the country for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations.
The Big Boss was initially dismissed after a 3-1 victory over Sudan and replaced with Shuaibu Amodu. But a series of events had led to his reinstatement and he will not oversee the final two matches against Congo and South
       “I don’t think it is proper to say my fate is tied to this job. My concern right now is the game against Congo, and not whether I will still be in charge of this team after the match against Congo or South Africa,” Keshi told journalists on Wednesday.
       “I think you all need to stop this because my destiny is not tied to Nigeria. I came from somewhere.
      “It is wrong to say my destiny is tied here because this country is bigger than any individual. If I am not the Super Eagles head coach today, my life will still go on. Also there are other places where I can go if I stopped being the coach of this country.
      “But right now, I have a job to do and that is to ensure that the team qualifies the country for the Nations Cup. God forbid if we don’t qualify what will happen? It will not only affect Stephen Keshi, it will also affect you and every other Nigerian who love this sport.
"So I think these is not about Stephen Keshi but about Nigeria. All I want from the Countrymen is to pray for the team and not me because me am just one man."

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Dike Clears the Air concerning the bonus issue

Dike clears the air on bonus issue

Nigeria’s U-20 Women National Team star, Courtney Dike, has explained why she rejected bonus payments at the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup finals in Canada.

The Oklahoma State University student wrote in a mail: “I would like to respond to what I have been reading on the internet about rejecting bonuses.

“I am delighted to play for Nigeria whenever called upon. I knew before leaving for the U-20 World Cup that I would not accept any bonuses. Acceptance of prize money is against NCAA regulations (the division 1 collegiate governing body) here in the US, so that is the main reason for rejecting it.

“Knowing this beforehand, I still chose to represent the country because I believed the experience would be more valuable than the money, and I was right.”


Wow that's not violation in Nigeria o. Its very legal over here. Abi i dy lie?

HTC One M9 release date, news and spec features

The HTC One (M8) was one of the best Android smartphones ever made. What can we expect from its 2015 successor, the HTC One (M9)? It may be months away but rumours are already beginning to swirl. Here's everything we know about the HTC One (M9). We'll update this article as more details come to light. Update: The latest from the rumor mill has a possible release date for the HTC One (M9) and a some more concrete specs. See below for details.
htc one M9
Could the HTC One M9 look like this? We hope so. / © Fabrizio D'Onofrio
The HTC One (M8) topped many tech sites’ best-smartphones polls, but it’s been out for several months now - and as we all know, smartphone years are like dog years, so a months-old smartphone might as well be made of wood and powered by steam. You can be sure that HTC is working on the successor, which we’d expect to be called the HTC One (M9). So what will it be like, and when can you get your hands on it?
  • The best Android phones to buy in 2014.

HTC One (M9): release date

Update: There's some new rumors that the HTC One (M9) release date will be during Mobile World Congress in 2015. However, HTC has tradtionally announced the One flagships at independent events: the HTC One (M7) was announced on February 19th, 2013 and the HTC One (M8) on March 25th, 2014. So we're expecting much the same this year: a March announcement with market availability at the same time.

HTC One (M9): price

That won’t be confirmed for some time, but we don’t imagine the HTC One (M9) will be much more expensive than the M8. That was £529 SIM free or 650 USD with the usual array of special offers on two-year contracts. We're expecting the HTC One (M9) price to be between 600 - 700 USD.
HTC one M9 4
This one's just a concept, but it's awfully pretty. / © empro Gadgets

HTC One (M9): specifications

Does the HTC One (M8) Prime give us any clues? In a series of leaks that device was revealed to have a waterproof case, a quad-core, 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 810 processor, a 5.5-inch WQHD display, 3 GB of RAM and a Cat. 6 LTE radio. It also has an unusual casing made from a composite of aluminum and silicone.
Update: The latest on the HTC One (M9) specs are a 5.2-inch QHD display with a quad-core Snapdragon 805 backed up by 3 GB of RAM. If the M9 is running an 805 then Adreno 420 graphics seem a certainty. The One (M9) will reportedly come in a 64 GB and 128 GB version running Android 5.0 Lollipop right out of the box. The rumored specs sheet is rounded out by a ''larger'' battery, ''higher MP'' camera and ''higher'' IP rating.

HTC One (M9) versus HTC One (M8) Prime

You’re probably wondering, what happened to the HTC One (M8) Prime anyway? After a flurry of activity earlier this year, it’s all gone rather quiet. We think that’s because the HTC One (M9) is the smartphone formerly known as the HTC One (M8) Prime: rather than bring out a point update, HTC wants to go the whole hog and introduce a whole new generation of the HTC One. It’ll be interesting to see whether the specifications get tweaked as a result of the longer lead time, which gives HTC time to use newer technologies, better batteries and perhaps improved camera sensors too.
What do you think? What would you like to see in the HTC One (M9)?

Man United Coach Van Gaal Reportedly disgraces his wife

LVG-TruusManchester United manager Louis van Gaal, has been accused of treating his second wife disgracefully whenever he is drunk.

According to author Hugo Borst, the Dutchman who is well renowned for his fierce temper humiliates Truus, who he got married to in 2008, in the presence of friends.

“The way he treats Truus in company is ungentlemanly and sometimes downright disgraceful,” Borst wrote in a new biography about Van Gaal, titled O, Louis: In Search Of Louis van Gaal, which is being serialised in The Times.

“In the company of friends and acquaintances, Louis has made comments that in nine out of 10 marriages would have been grounds for divorce. People who have lunched or dined with Louis say alcohol does nothave a favourable effect on him"
"Of course he also has sweet things to say about his wife," he said on German TV, "and sex is good too"

Monday, 10 November 2014

Facebook Messenger Now Crosses Over 500 million monthly users

It’s quite amazing how Mark and his company, Facebook, the world’s largest social network whose aim is have a connected world have gotten more people to use their messaging app this year.
facebook messenger crosses 500 million users
According to reports from Facebook’s Newsroom, the messaging app has now crossed 500 monthly users as opposed to about 200million that was recorded sometime in April this year.
This was announced through Facebook’s Director
of Product Management, Peter and here is an excerpt from the post.
Messaging is an important part of how people stay connected and since Messenger launched in 2011 we’ve been passionate about giving people a faster and more expressive way to communicate.
He continued…
Today more than 500 million people are using Messenger each month and we’re more committed than ever to make it the best possible messaging experience.
Remember we were all forced to download the messaging app in August after Facebook decided to make messaging have a standalone app. This definitely led to the increase in the monthly users of this app. I hate it whenever am been forced to do  what i don't want to do like I was forced to download the Facebook Messenger. Thumbs to his idea I love it. I wanna be like him one day but better than him.

How To Bypass the whatsapp new blue ticks

For people who need more than two ticks to verify if their messages have been read, congratulations! Whatsapp recently introduced a new feature which ensures that your message has been read. Previously we just had two ticks – One tick meant the message has left your phone and is in transit while the two ticks meant the message is on the receivers phone but he may or may not have read the message. But now with the introduction of the blue colored ticks the sender can rest assured that his message has been read if he sees the blue colored ticks.

Why the new Blue colored ticks?

Well the two ticks lead to a lot of confusion. Say A sends a message to B, A will see two ticks if the message is delivered to B’s phone. But B may not have read the message necessarily. Even if B is online, chances are he might not have opened A’s messages and may be is busy talking to others.
whatsapp ticks meaning
The emergence of those blue ticks tend to solve that problem at least. But it creates a whole new set of even complicated problems. Imagine a situation where you’ve had a tough day and are too busy to reply to conversations but at the same time you cannot miss reading them due to whatever reasons. The sender will see two blue ticks whenever you read the conversation and it might cause problems if you don’t reply back. So how to bypass this?
It’s simple! Here’s how you can do it:
1. Turn on your internet connection and let all the messages arrive to your phone.
2. Once they’re on your phone, turn your internet connection off. Make sure you turn off both WiFi and data network.
3. Now open Whatsapp and read the conversation.
4. Close Whatsapp. Turn on internet if you want to. Reply whenever you feel like replying.
This will ensure that the sender doesn’t get a message read confirmation and you can reply whenever you are in a mood to reply.
Update 1: Well this trick worked on Galaxy S3, Moto G and Moto E when I tried it.
Update 2: A friend just confirmed that it works for iPhone too.
Along with the Blue ticks, Whatsapp also introduced another feature which gives you complete information about each message you send to a person or in a group. It gives you information like – when the message was delivered, when was it read or if it’s an image file when it was viewed, if it’s an audio clip or a video when was it heard or viewed.
How to See the Whatsapp Message Info?
1. Open a chat with a Whatsapp contact or a group.
2. Tap and hold on a message you’ve sent and tap on the “info” icon.
The message information screen shows the following:
  • When the message was delivered to the recipient.
  • When the recipient has read the message or opened the file you sent.
This not only works for personal messages but also for messages that you send in a group. Now you get to know who exactly in a group reads your messages and who simply ignores them!

Whatsapp Messenger For Windows Mobile

So Now Its Time Enjoy the **Whatsapp** Messenger for Windows Mobile Also .Recenlty Whats after Releasing the Whatsapp Messenger for Android and Whatsapp Messenger for Blackberry So they have also Introduced the Latest Whatsapp Messenger for Winodows Also . WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone is a smartphone messaging client that allows you to make audio or video calls. A 3G or WiFi connection is required to call or send and receive messages

Key features of Whatsapp Messenger

  • Free messages on the internet
  • Sending text, pictures, voice messages and videos
  • Shows your location by GPS
  • Group chat

Necessary settings

Operating System: Windows Phone

Advantages of Windows Whatsapp  Messenger
It is the best and most reliable program message
Quick and easy
Download Free
Intuitive and user friendly interface

So Its Time to Download the Whatsapp messenger for *Windows* Phone and Enjoy Latest Cool and Existing Features of whatsapp Windows Messenger
**Whatapp Messenger For Windows Mobile - Download Whatsapp for Windows

LG G4 Gets Skinny Render 4gb Ram

The general opinion in 2014 is the LG G3 looks better than the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4. Imagine how excited we are about the LG G4, that will obviously come next year, so in the meantime let’s feast our eyes on a concept for this model.
LG G4 Gets Skinny New Render, With 4 GB of RAM
The LG G4 concept has been created by and it’s a very skinny unit, that has a slight Nexus vibe to it. The smartphone has a very discrete
and small camera area, while the physical buttons below the camera are now more subtle and elegant. LG G4 comes with a 5.5 inch 4K display, 4 GB of RAM and it will be offered in 32 or 64 GB versions. There’s an 18 megapixel back camera, a front 3 MP shooter and a Snapdragon 810 processor inside.
Android 5.0 Lollipop is the OS here, with a brand new UI from LG. There’s a 3500 mAh battery on board and all around the edges there’s a chromed area, or maybe the edges are made of metal following Samsung’s approach on the Note 4. I have to say this model is wider than expected, but after the narrower LG G3, it may be the proper approach. This model also features Dolby acoustics, front facing stereo speakers, wireless charging and a fingerprint scanner.

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How to use your phone as a wireless mouse and keyboard

The humble mouse is one of the most ubiquitous peripherals associated with computers. When you use a laptop, you may opt to connect a mouse, but how would you like the idea of use a trackpad or touch pad on a regular computer? It doesn’t matter if you're using a Moto X or Nexus 5, or have a larger screened phone such as a Note 4 or a Nexus 6, you can use your Android phone as a mouse or trackpad to
control your computer. Using Remote Mouse you can use just about any phone or tablet to control your computer. You can also use the app as a keyboard for text input.
remote mouse
Remote Mouse transforms your Nexus 6 or Moto X into a mouse for your computer! / © tochukwupa
The large screen of a phone such as the Nexus 6 is great for use as a trackpad, but smaller-screened phones work just as well. Getting up and running with Remote Mouse is a two-step process; you'll need to install the app on our phone, and install software in your computer as well.

Set up your PC

1 remote mouse
Fancy a trackpad for your computer? Remote Mouse can help. / ©tochukwupa
Start by visiting the Remote Mouse website on your computer to grab a copy of the necessary software. Click the Get Now link and then click the Windows button. Download the installer and then run through the set up process in the usual way.
2 remote mouse
Remote Mouse is available for other mobile platforms, but we're interested in the Android app. / © tochukwupa
There's no configuration needed, as long as you are connected to a wireless network. You'll be prompted to download a copy of the Remote Mouse app for your phone which you can do by scanning the QR code displayed in your web browser, or by simply download via Google Play.

Configure your phone

3 remote mouse
Make sure your phone and computer are on the same network and setup is simple. / ©tochukwupa
Grab a copy of Remote Mouse, make sure that you are connected to the same wireless network as your computer and then fire up the app. Swipe through the introduction and tap Start.
Remote Mouse INSTALL
Remote Mouse will perform a network scan and should detect your computer running the desktop software. Establish a connection by clicking the name of your computer in the list that is displayed. You can then check out the simple instructions about how to use.
4 remote mouse
Gestures can be performed on your Nexus 6's screen to control the mouse cursor./ © tochukwupa
A regular click of the left mouse button takes nothing more than a tap of your phone's screen, while a right click can be achieved by tapping with two fingers at the same time. To mimic the actions of a mouse scroll wheel, place two fingers on the screen and move then up and down. To grab hold of a window or other on-screen object, you can double tap and drag. Click Got It, and you're ready to control your computer.
5 remote mouse
Remote Mouse has an on-screen keyboard, but you can hide it if you don't use it. / © tochukwupa
You'll notice that there is a green area in the top portion of the screen, and this is where you use your phone as a trackpad – just move your finger around and the mouse cursor will follow suit. In the bottom half of the screen you can use your regular Android keyboard to send key presses to your computer – you can hide this by tapping the down arrow to the left of the screen if you are only interested in the trackpad option.
You can even switch apps and shut down your computer from you Moto X. / ©tochukwupa
There are a few other little things that Remote Mouse can so. Tap the monitor icon in the row of buttons and you can access an app switcher for jumping between applications on your computer. Scroll over to the right and you'll find a button that allows you to shut down and restart your computer from your phone.
Left-handed? Not a problem... Remote Mouse can cope! / © tochukwupa
You should find that everything just works as it should but there are a few settings you might want to investigate. Just as with your regular mouse, you can slow down the speed of cursor movement as well as scroll speed, and if you are left-handed, you can switch the position of the buttons.
Have you tried using your phone as a mouse either as an emergency measure or just because you like the idea of using a trackpad with your computer?

Android Battery Killer: Worst Apps to install on your Phone

akku smartphone new format

If there's one thing you want from your phone, it's probably the assurance that it will make it through the day. There is little more annoying that getting to lunch time and discovering that your battery has already drained to 30 percent. It could be that you battery is not as reliable as it could be, but before you ditch your handset and think about buying a new one, you might want to check whether the apps
and games you use could be to blame. AVG has compiled a list of the apps that gobble up the most battery so you know what to avoid.
Want to know which apps are killing your battery? AVG reveals all! © Tochukwupa
  • How to save battery life on your Android device: 16 tips to extend battery performance
If you have a Samsung handset – like the Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5 – you'll be disappointed to hear that two of Samsung's own apps are the biggest battery hogs. AllShareCast Dongle and ChatON Voice & Video Chat top the charts, but there are also big names such as Facebook and Path in the top ten. Here's the list in full:
  1. AllShareCast Dongle S/W Update (Samsung)
  2. ChatON Voice & Video Chat (Samsung)
  3. Beaming Service for Beep'n'Go (Moheam)
  4. magicApp: Free Calls (magiclack VocalTec)
  5. Samsung WatchON Tablets
  6. Facebook
  7. Path
  8. PPS for Mobile
  9. Vault-Hide SMS Pics & Videos
  10. Al-Moazin Lite Prayer Times
Of course, it is not just apps that are to blame for battery drain; games are major culprits as well. Among the worst offenders are those from King (Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch 2 Saga) and Supercell (Clash of Clans and Hay Day):
  1. Puzzle & Dragons (GungHo Online Entertainment)
  2. Hay Day (Supercell)
  3. Candy Crush Saga (King)
  4. Minecraft – Pocket Edition (Mojang)
  5. Cookie Jam (SGN)
  6. Pet Rescue Saga (King)
  7. Clash of Clans (Supercell)
  8. Bubble Witch 2 Saga (King)
  9. Farm Heroes Saga (King)
  10. Angry Birds (Rovio Mobile)
AVG also looked at the apps which impacted most heavily on device performance, and many of the same names crop up again. Facebook, Spotify and Instagram are just three of the apps that sap performance:
  1. Facebook
  2. Path
  3. 9GAG Funny Pics & Videos
  4. Instagram
  5. Spotify Music
  6. BBM (BlackBerry)
  7. QQ (Tencent Technology)
  8. textPlus Free Text & Calls
  9. Wattpad Free Books & Stories
  10. iFunny : )
A fourth top ten list reveals the apps that eat up the most space:
  1. NY Times – Breaking News
  2. Tango Messenger Video & Calls
  3. Spotify Music
  4. Facebook
  5. Chrome Browser
  6. 9GAG Funny pics & videos
  7. Instagram
  8. LINE camera – Selfie & Collage
  9. Vine
  10. Talking Angela
Do AVG's findings tally with your own experiences? Have you noticed any other apps or games that are particularly battery-hungry?

Source: AVG

We Lacked some spark instincts Wenger reacts to loss against Swansea

Gomis-Arsenal Nov2014
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, has said that his side lacked spark and killer instinct, after they were beaten 2-1 by Swansea at the Liberty Stadium on Sunday.

The Gunners went in front, after Danny Welbeck squared the ball for Alexis Sanchez, before Gylfi Sigurdsson levelled for the hosts with a beautifully executed free-kick.

Bafetimbi Gomis stepped from the bench
to nod in a winner, as Arsenal dropped all three points from a winning position.

“It’s disappointing to throw a game away like we did. We were 1-0 up and had to be tight defensively and wait for that second chance. But you have to credit Swansea who didn’t give up,” Wenger told BBC Sport.

“Football you can believe anything is possible, any minute you can concede. Bafetimbi Gomis is good in the air and it can happen. You have to accept that Swansea will fight until the last minute. We eased off at 1-0 and let them back into the game.

“Football is down to performances. People can say what they want. We are here to produce performances, and didn’t do that right until the end of the game.

“We lacked some spark or killer instinct to take the game away from Swansea.”

      “If you want to challenge the Premier League we have to be more realistic than we were today.”

Whatsapp Messenger For - Iphone

Whatsapp Messenger for Iphone6 and Iphone6 plus Smart users is Out in the Market So Its Time to Download the Whatsapp for Iphone6 Mobiles WhatsApp Messenger - iPhone is an application designed to send and receive instant messages. This album is designed to exchange messages, photos or music from the iPhone. It also allows sharing of videos between mobile devices. For this, it uses the 3G or Wi-Fi device. You Can Download this Whatspp Messenger for Iphone 4 , Whatsapp Messenger for Iphone 4s,Whatspp Messenger for Iphone 5,Whatspp Messenger for Iphone 5C.Whatsapp Messenger for Iphone 6 Mobiles

Key features of Iphone Whatsapp Messenger

This utility allows users to chat live with your contacts. It also includes conference mode for group discussions. This option is designed for a maximum of 10 people and exchange are done by SMS. The user can add all your contacts in one integrated database. It can sort by group and organize information according to specific criteria it sets. The WhatsApp Messenger - iPhone has a push notification service (push). Each SMS received, the user is alerted. This works even if you're not connected.


Necessary settings
Operating System: iOS 4.3 or higher (iPhone, iPad)
Advantages Latest Whatsapp Messenger
Free software and multilingual
Easy to use
So Dont Waste the Time with Facebook, Twiter Now Enjoy the Time with the Ultimate Whatspp Messenger for Iphone
**Whatsapp Messenger for Iphone - Download Whatsapp Messenger for Iphone

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Unveiling of New Blackberry Passport At Slot

BlackBerry revolutionized the mobile industry when it was introduced at the start of the smartphone era. Today, BlackBerry aims to inspire the success of millions of customers around the world by continuously pushing the boundaries of mobile experience. To this end, BlackBerry in partnership with SLOT, Nigeria's No.1 mobile device retailer proudly unveiled the new BlackBerry Passport on the 28th of
October 2014 at the SLOT BlackBerry outlet at No. 2, Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

BlackBerry Territory Director for East, West, Central and Southern Africa, Mr. Charles Asinugo and the SLOT MD, Mr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo unveiled the new BlackBerry Passport Smartphone. The event which was graced by ace comedian, Alibaba and superstar, Seyi Shay was attended by media houses and technology enthusiasts.

Talking about the new device, Mr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo stated that the BlackBerry Passport challenged the Smartphone status quo with a large square touch screen and touch-enabled keyboard plus improved battery life (30hrs). He emphasized that the BlackBerry Passport is ideal for upwardly mobile personalities as it enhances business and social productivity.

The BlackBerry Passport looks poised to change the landscape with 13 mega pixels IOS Camera, 32GB internal storage that is expandable up to 128GB, leading apps via the Amazon App store and much more. The BlackBerry Passport is available at any of the SLOT outlets nationwide or online at: with full manufacturers’ warranty.

View more photos from the event below...

Vicent Enyeama, Ahmed Musa, Yaya Toure Nominated For CAF Player of the Year.

Super Eagles players Ahmed Musa who plays for CSKA Moscow, Vincent Enyeama of Lille, France, Yaya Toure of Manchester City/Ivory Coast, Asamoah Gyang of Ghana and Emmanuel Adebayor of Togo have been nominated for the 2014 CAF African Player of the Year, while Ejike Uzoenyi of Rangers International, Enugu,
is the only Nigerian shortlisted in the 20-man list of Africa-based Player of the Year.

Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced the nominees in Cairo on November 6th. The Awards Gala will take place on 8 January 2015 in Lagos. Hope Enyeama wins. Who go win this one. I give my vote to Enyeama. Wish them all best of Lucks

Infinix Hot X507 Coming soon

Its almost the end of the year 2014 and Infinix wants you to celebrate christmas with a new phone. A very reliable source has CONFIRMED to Us that Infinix will launch another device before christmas. This device will be named Infinix HOT X507. Infinix HOT X507 HOT X507 is built for the flashy and colourful people in the society. This device will be available in different amazing colours to suit your taste and did I forget to mention? That the new HOT X507 will
come with a low price tag , which means it will be very affordable.

Have a quick look at the Key specs ;

Screen Size : 5.0 Inches.

Camera : 5.0MP Back , 2.0MP Front  

RAM : 1GB   

Os: Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Internal Memory :16GB

Battery : 2000mAh

Full specs will be published when the device has been launched. The launch date hasn’t been confirmed , but we speculate it to be late november or early december 2014 What To Expect From Infinix In 2015?

Its been a successful year for infinix and so we expect them to Enter 2015 in grand style. We can confirm to you that Infinix Zero 2 is already in the making. This device will be the successor to Infinix Zero. From the info we’ve gotten so far , Infinix zero will be very slim , slimmer than any other infinix device.

It will also come with very a solid and premium design. Zero 2 will be launched early next year , possibly Late january or early february 2015. Until then , Keep your fingers crossed. Source:

Friday, 7 November 2014

Schurrle Reveals that Mourinho Instructs his Players to Foul their Opponents

Andre Schurrle has opened up on what working under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea is like and revealed that the Portuguese manager even instructs them to foul opponents.

The German winger said that Mourinho has a strong winning mentality and hates to lose – a trait he admits is very infectious. “Jose Mourinho has taught me a different style of play and a different way of thinking to reach the world-class level someday,” Schurrle told SportBild. “To him, finishing second is a failure. He doesn’t know the word ‘losing’. That’s how he holds his talk before the matches.

His thinking is
impressive – as impressive as the way he gets his message across. “He challenges you to be robust on the pitch, to play like a man. To commit a foul. I feel much better since joining Chelsea and I have become much more confident.” 

Schurrle was Mourinho’s first signing after he returned to Stamford Bridge in the summer of 2013 and he has scored two league goals already this season.

Eduok seals victory for Super Eagles over Ghana as Akwa Ibom Stadium is commissioned

Emem Eduok scored the only goal of the match, as Nigeria defeated Ghana 1-0 to officially open the ultra modern Akwa Ibom International Stadium in Uyo.

The striker, who is coincidentally from Akwa Ibom, headed home a ring-wing cross from Solomon Kwambe in the first half and almost
helped himself to another in the second 45 minutes.

The stunning piece of architecture, was commissioned on Friday by President Goodluck Jonathan, who was assisted by Ghana’s John Dramani Mahama and Ivory Coast’s Alassane Ouattara.

Modelled after Johannesburg’s Soccercity and Bayern Munich’s Alianz Arena, the 30,000 seater edifice has a bullet-proof State Box, which has 70 seats.

The Super Eagles are also expected to play their final 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against South Africa at the stadium.

Source: Daily Post

Nigeria's FIFA ranking recently

Nigeria’s drop in the FIFA rankings continued in October, as they fell five places to 42nd.

Last month, the Super Eagles were rated 37th best team in the
world, after finishing August in 33rd place.

The African champions were beaten 1-0 in Khartoum by lowly Sudan, before they exacted revenge days later in Abuja, with a battling 3-1 victory.

Easy way to Root and change the IMEI of your MTN Android phone

It is no longer news that MTN released their first Android mobile phone with affordable price.

Did you ever think of rooting your MTN Smart Mini? I'm glad to inform you that; you can now root and change your MTN Sm@rtphones Imei in less than 20minutes with the simple trick

Download VROOT Official Chinese version  here  or VROOT unofficial English Version here .Install it on your System Enable USB debugging on your Android device.

To enable USB debugging, go to Developers => USB debugging then, tick it.

If you can't find it, start tapping on build number until you see developer options.

Plug USB chord to your device and VROOT will detect your phone. Click on Root and your phone will Reboot.

VROOT can't find my device? Download PdaNet  to install necessary drivers or Download Adb Driver Installer (Universal).

How to Swap Your IMEI to Enjoy Glo Bis on It

Download software for generating BB Imei.

Download MTK droid tool Open the MTK Droid Tools it must detect the information of your Device.

Click on Root Button to gain SuperSU permission and the yellow box down should turn to green.

By the left, you will see IMEI, just tap on it.

Generate your Imei and replace it with the older one. Don't forget to backup your old Imei before you followed the above procedures. That is all. Hope this info helps? Feel free to share this post with your friends using the Share/Like buttons.

Learn how to change your friends whatsapp profile picture with your own phone.

If you know me very well,  you will know I love playing pranks. It's my nature and it's funny and cool.

So now if you wanna play prank like me and then change the profile picture of your friend, using your own phone, then
this post is for you.

==>Firstly all you need to do is to view that friends current profile picture. And when viewing it, the picture do automatically save by itself.

==>So after it has saved, go to your Files and go to Memory card then go to whatsapp and then locate the victim's pic.

==>Now long press the pic to copy it somewhere else, long press again and click on rename and then copy the name of the pic.

==>After that, go to the pic you would like to use for your friends profile pic. But make sure you rename the picture with the name you copied from the other pic. After renaming, transfer the pic into your whatsapp and into your profile picture, if it prompts to overwrite, then quickly overwrite it.

==>Now open your whatsapp application and view your victim's new pic... If you don't understand, feel free to ask questions.

MTN Introduces their new 10naira recharge card. Funny Network

Subscribers to the telecommunications service provider, MTN Nigeria will, as from Friday (Nov. 7 2014), have the opportunity to recharge their
phones for as low as N10.

Subscribers to the telecommunications service provider, MTN Nigeria will, as from today, have the opportunity to recharge their phones for as low as N10.

The Chief Marketing Officer of MTN, Bayo Adekanmbi, revealed this in a statement on Thursday.

The statement quoted Adekambi to have said that the initiative, to be launched in Kano, was to ensure that no Nigerian was shut out of the values that the network offers.

It stated, “Apart from making it possible for customers to purchase airtime at the lowest rates, it also offers opportunities for small scale entrepreneurs to sell low-unit portion packs of recharge cards as a new revenue stream. Again, everyday people such as Maishayi, neighbourhood stalls, housewives, students, etc would also benefit immensely from this proposition.”

Naija at it again.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Gionee M3 - Specification, Review and Price Battery 5000mAh

The Marathon M3 is one great android device with a monster battery of 5000mAh. This smartphone bags loads of features as can be read in this review, one of which is the ability to charge other devices.

A 5 inch display with a 8MP primary camera makes taking photos with this
device such a no-hassle task.

Gionee Marathon M3 as a phablet, makes watching movies entertaining with it’s 720p display resolution.

It comes with an 1GB/8GB RAM and ROM respectively.

Gionee Marathon M3 Full specs review

Below is the full specs of this awesome android device.

General Design Device type: Phablet

OS: Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)

Dimensions: 144.5 x 71.45 x 10.4mm

Weight: 180.29g (w/o battery).

Display Features Display Size: 5.0 inches

Display Features: HD 1280*720 ,

IPS and OGS Display Camera Primary Camera: 8.0 Mega Pixel Camera with LED flash
Secondary Camera: 2MP Other Cam Features: Face beauty, Panorama(Horizontal & Vertical), Eraser, Face detection, Geo-tagging, Touch focus, 99 snaps in one click, Gesture Shot, Smile Shot

Memory Details Internal Memory:
8GB, 1GB RAM, 1.3 GHz Quad-core Cortex A7

Card Slot: Yes, MicroSD, up to 128GB

Other Device Details Battery: 5000mAh battery,

Stand-by Up to 32.8 Days,

Talk time Up to 32.46H(3G)/51H(2G)

Data: Supports 2G (850/900/1800/1900 MHz ), 3G (900/2100 MHz)

SIM: Dual SIM WLAN: Wifi-802.11 b/g/n,

Wi-Fi hotspot Bluetooth: Yes, v4.0, A2DP

USB: microUSB v2.0, USB On-the-go

Sensors: Proximity sensor, G-sensor, E-Compass, Motion sensor

Other Phone Features: Face Unlock - OTA, Game Zone - yahoo cricket - OTG Support (keyboard, mouse , charging) BATTERY

Price Sold: $210

How connect your iOS with an external microphone

With apps like Adobe Story, iMovie and ScreenChomp, it has become relatively easier for anyone to produce movies, slideshows, podcasts and other visual content on their iPads
and iPhones.

That said, the camera has improved considerably over the years but the one area where iOS devices still need to catch up is the audio. The in-built mic isn’t bad but if you would like to produce videos with high-quality audio, you will have to use an external microphone.

Connect Microphone to iOS Device.

How to Use a USB Microphone with iOS When it comes to choosing an external microphone for your iOS device, you have two options.

1. You can either use a plug-n-play iOS compatible microphone that directly plugs into your iPad or iPhone with a lightning to USB cable. One end goes into the USB microphone while the other into the lightning connector port. The recently launched Rode NT USB and Apogee MiC 96k are some of the best iOS condenser microphones in the market. They ship will all the necessary lightning and USB cables and require no batteries or external powered USB hubs.

Alternatively, if you already have a good-quality USB microphone that you are using with your computer – like the Samson or the Blue Yeti – the good news is that you can save some money and connect your existing desktop mic to your iPad or iPhone with the help of few cables and accessories – see illustration

To get started, you would need a powered USB hub (look for the power adapter symbol in the description, also go for USB 3.0) and the lightning to USB adapter (remember, it’s the adapter and not the cable)..

Now connect the iPhone /iPad to the USB microphone through the USB hub as shown in the illustration above. Plug one end of the Apple Lightning to USB adapter into the Lightning port of your iPhone or iPad and connect the other end to the powered USB hub through the supplied USB Type B cable.

Use the power adapter cord to connect the hub to the electrical outlet. Connect the external USB microphone to one of the available ports on the hub using the same USB cable that you were previously using to connect the mic to the desktop computer.

That’s it. You can open any app – Garageband or iMovie for example – and try recording your voice using the external mic. Tap the microphone head and if you notice a spike in the waveform, the connections are working properly.

If you are unable to hear the recorded audio, remove the lightning adapter from the iOS device and replay the audio. Or if your external desktop microphone has a headphone jack, you can use that to live-monitor the sound coming out of your iOS device.

[*] While you can connect an iOS device to a USB microphone directly using a lightning to USB cable, iOS is likely to throw an error saying – “Cannot use device – The connected device requires too much power”. iOS Requires Power

Download up to 10gb data with Etisalat Pay As You Go(PAYG) which isworking well on all device

Etisalat for me is the best network ever for me. Imagine am even rocking Blackberry subscriptions on my Android phone.

If you need it, just inbox me in my gmail account. So back to the main thing. Etisalat's PAYG which is like if you browse for 5min, #15naira will be deducted from your account.

So imagine is you had #300 in your phone, you would be browsing for approximately for 100min. Which is 1hr and 40min.

With that you, can download an application of 10gb and even 15gb. So game freaks this trick is for you and all of you that your pending download are waiting for you to subscribe 300gb to complete them,  forget them.

How to subscribe to Etisalat PAYG.
1. Dail *229*5*7# and then you will be opted into the Etisalat PAYG

2. To unsubscribe or opt out, just dail *229*0#.

I advice those with things to download should opt into this plan. But if you are a normal browser, don't think of entering this plan. 

If you have issues, drop a comment and I would be glad to reply you when I see it

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How to use two Whatsapp Accounts in one Phone

Have you ever imagined yourself controlling two whatsapp accounts on one phone? Well today am going to show you how to do that.

How to activate the trick.

First of all you have to backup your current whatsapp data. So you will be able to restore you conversation on the new one.

1. Backup you current Whatsapp conversation..

See image below

2. Now you have to clear your other whatsapp data by going to setting and then app. See image below. Download OGwhatsapp Here

3. Now goto Files and then goto memory card and then locate whatsapp and rename it to OGWhatsapp

After that, download and install OGwhatsapp here .

4. When installing, put in the number of the whatsapp accounts that was in the other whatsapp. After that,  restore your backup data.

Now open the original whatsapp, and now you can put in the new number you want. If you have any problem just alert me. And if you loved the post you can share it on your social networks...