Sunday, 26 October 2014

How to Hack Android games

Its very frustrating for you to play games that requires you to use your money and buy Coins and Special Money in the games. Guys want people to feel their swags when their fellow guys see

Their high scores and also money. Well the story is gonna change from now on with this steps am gonna share with you on how to hack any game in your android phones with ease. It is for rooted

Devices so in case you haven't rooted your phone follow the steps on Root your phone

How to hack Android games with ease:
==> firstly download Game CIH from here
==>Install the app and launch it. When you launch it, assign a key(i used the Search icon).  dont exit the app just press the home button.
==>Then launch the game you will want to hack. (I tried it personally on temple run, wonder zoo and many more games.) The best part of this post
==> Start playing the game, Pause then take note of how much coins you have. Then press the search icon and then type in the amount there.
==> go back and play the game again to earn some coins. After that Pause the game and then press the (+) button if you added more coins. Or the (-) button if you lost some coins. Or the (!) if you aren't sure if you lost some coins or gained some coins. You can press the (=)button if the coins is unchanged.
==> After that you are going to see lots of numbers one of them is our coins and one of them would correspond with the present amount of coins you have. If non of them corresponds with your value of coins, or if you have so many numbers corresponding to your actual coins, click back and then play the game again and earn or buy something .
==> Click on the corresponding icon either the (=) (+) (-) (!) depending on what you did.
==> after that, you will see your coins value there. click on it and input the value of coins you want type 9999999999. After that, click on d lock icon to lock the coins from changing.

Now you can Cheat the game that wants to cheat you.....  lol.. hope i Helped. If you need any help just inform me

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