Thursday, 26 March 2015

Top Ten(10) Android Best Antivrius application.. Check them out..

Good day everyone hope we all having a great day. Well for me I thank God. I have always wanted to share this post but I get caught doing something else but today its going to be different. You know when it comes to Android phones, protecting our phone is always our utmost priority. Thanks to all the android developers and apps developers..

So today am going to share with you lovely viewers the top best Android Antivirus applications for your android phone with their download links.. hope you enjoy the post.. Now starting from the lead.. We have

Top Rooting tools or Application to use and Root your Android Smartphones..

Today am gonna talk about the top apps you can use in order to root your phones incase the other one fails you.. I know most people have tried rooting their phones but to no avail. So the opted into rooting their phones with System. So now let me give you some top apps that can be used to root your phones. If you root your Android, you can be able to hack android apps that requires coins and also buy unlimited amount of game coins thereby making it be like fun games.

First on my list is

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

MTN Bis is back and rocking well on Android devices.. Latest..

Recently, MTN Bis seemed to stop which really angered so many people even parents too especially my people.Ever since then, I have always been looking for a way to make the MTN bis come back to life on my phone. But to no avail. So I was reading a post in one of my favourite site YomiProf which was about MTN Bis coming back so I decided to share it with you guys..

Friday, 6 March 2015

How to Root your Android Phones with System if the use of Phone fails you..

I have been receiving complains about rooting of phones. I have been replying them one by one so today I have decided to post the steps to root your Android phones in case the phone is proving stubborn with other rooting application on phones like framaroot and iroot formerly known as vroot and few other apps.

So today am gonna bring to the wonderful table of my lovely viewers the easiest method to root your phone with System..


Etisalat Bis working well on all Android phones and few other phones.

How are you doing? Hope you're having a nice day. Well for me my day has been going fine all thanks to my just discovered method of using Etisalat Bis on Android With its full potentials fully unlocked.

Not all that, I can also use Whatsapp and other Social Apps on my Android phone and I still download Unlimitedly with the new MTN Daily Bis. And I know most of you are already enjoying the MTN Bis on your phones.

Well straight to the point. You know all Network's bis are currently working on Android devices. Some you have to change your IMEi like Glo for it to work and others you just have to connect and start surfing the net.