Monday, 3 August 2015

How to Stop "Sales Tracker Stopped Unexpectedly" in your Tecno N9 phone..

After paying for a good phone to do whatever you want it to do, and as time goes on, you might want to format the phone and you mistakenly forgot to backup your data, and after wiping and clearing everything, the phone becomes brand new just the same way you bought it.

But as you're setting up the phone, you will start getting a message like "Sales Tracker Stopped Unexpectedly" which is really frustrating and annoying and whenever the message comes on, you won't be able to do any other thing with the phone because the message will be coming up and up till you do something about it which am about to show you.

Firstly my candid advice: Whenever you want to format your android phone be it any other tecno model or any other phone manufacturer company product, always backup the phone in order to prevent something like this in the future after successfully wiping the memory.

So now back to work: As you format your phone, instead of the phone leaving the inbuilt apps, it goes and mistakenly delete the Sales tracker app which then causes that message to always come up because a system app has been removed.

MTN Free Browsing On Android Phone With Latest Simple Server APK

Recently, it has been really good for android users when it comes to data for browsing.. Firstly, we were flexing the 2015mb and then the 7.5gb and 20gb and 15gb all came out.. I know most of us enjoyed it... Well it seems to have stopped. I know most people are still flexing the Glo Bis which is 1k for 3gb and also the Airtel 1500 for 4gb.. Well far from that, MTN has seem to have been the only network that we are currently getting free things from and am kinda happy with their services and I pray the continue with it for the betterment of the nation..

Well now am going to present this to you.. Its a Simple settings you just have to do yourself in other to make this tweak work..

Firstly, you will need to download SimpleServer Latest Version Here..
After that, you have to configure the app.. Now need for you to touch your phone's settings.. It's going to work perfectly...

How to Connect a BB10 phones to send files and receive them through Flashare/Xender

Running flashshare on a BB10 phone is really hard and frustrating.. But today am gonna show you a very simple trick on how to go about it.. Believe me when you try this out home, you will know am not joking when it comes to tips and tricks on how to make use of any android device be it a BB, Sony, Samsung, etc name it.. We trash their pride here by giving you simple tricks and tutorials on how to make them do what ever you want it to do..

When it comes to flash-share, BB10s can only join, you can't create. So you will have to create using the android phone want 2 share files with by switching on the Hotspot, then go and turn on your(the BB10) WiFi and search, you will see that android's WiFi network that came up as a result of the connection it created, click on it 2 pair...

then go back 2 your own flashshare/xender and press the join connection, when it finish searching, click on the discovered device to Join it.. Then immediately, the two gadgets will pair asap.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

How to get Unlimited coins on any Android games...(Rooted devices)

Having lot of coins in our game is really important to us and it can make us go to some extent of even purchasing coins with our own money which I consider unbearable.. So today am going to put you guys through on how to purchase coins without even filling anything.. They only trick is that your phone has to be rooted for this to work.. Well if you have a rooted phone, everything is done and all is well already.. Just follow me

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Top Ten(10) Android Best Antivrius application.. Check them out..

Good day everyone hope we all having a great day. Well for me I thank God. I have always wanted to share this post but I get caught doing something else but today its going to be different. You know when it comes to Android phones, protecting our phone is always our utmost priority. Thanks to all the android developers and apps developers..

So today am going to share with you lovely viewers the top best Android Antivirus applications for your android phone with their download links.. hope you enjoy the post.. Now starting from the lead.. We have

Top Rooting tools or Application to use and Root your Android Smartphones..

Today am gonna talk about the top apps you can use in order to root your phones incase the other one fails you.. I know most people have tried rooting their phones but to no avail. So the opted into rooting their phones with System. So now let me give you some top apps that can be used to root your phones. If you root your Android, you can be able to hack android apps that requires coins and also buy unlimited amount of game coins thereby making it be like fun games.

First on my list is

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

MTN Bis is back and rocking well on Android devices.. Latest..

Recently, MTN Bis seemed to stop which really angered so many people even parents too especially my people.Ever since then, I have always been looking for a way to make the MTN bis come back to life on my phone. But to no avail. So I was reading a post in one of my favourite site YomiProf which was about MTN Bis coming back so I decided to share it with you guys..