Saturday, 25 October 2014

How to swap or change Android Imei with blackberry Imei

Glo Bis which is 1k for 3gb works well on Android phones only if you are able to change your

android Imei to that of  Blackberry and that will make Glo World recognize your phone as a

blackberry phone. This tweak also works on Etisalat 1k for 3gb and we are familiar with the speed of 

Etisalat. In my next post am gonna be telling you how to Configure your Etisalat Sim in order for you

to enjoy this one. I know this might not sound new to some people but to others, it is new and no

knowledge is a waste. How to change your phone Imei is as easy as boiling hot water.

To change the Imei of your phone, follow the steps below;
==> firstly generate a blackberry Imei, click GIPv4.1 to download bb imei generator extract the file and double click on GIPv4.1
==> Click on generate imei. copy down imei.
==> download and install mobile uncle here
==> after installation, open the app, and go to Engineer Mode
==> In the next screen, click on  Engineer Mode (MTK)
==> slide the window to Connectivity and then click on CDS Information
==> then Click on Radio Information
==> if you are using a dual Sim android phone, Phone 1 represents your Sim 1 and Phone 2 represents your Sim2. so choose the slot you want to swap imei with that of blackberry.
==> after choosing the desired slot, click on the (AT+) type in a word and then clear the word you typed.
==> after clearing it, a dialogue box will  open click on AT+EGMR=1,7,""
==> In between ("") type in the imei which you generated. Check  if the numbers are same and equal
==> After that, click on SEND AT COMMAND

if you receive a message saying AT command sent and successful, reboot your phone

that all now you can rock your new imei and browse with it like a blackberry phone.

but make suure you backup your previous Imei I suggest writing it down on a Piece of

 Paper incase anything goes wrong you can quickly change it.  

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