Monday, 5 January 2015

How to Stop other People from using the same WiFi hotspot with you..(ROOTED DEVICES)

Today is really a great day and also a nice day for we the hackers cos we have gotten a new year resolution to hack bigger websites and the rest. Firstly this tutorial is for only people who have rooted their Android smartphone thereby giving yourself the privilege to use you phone to its utmost capability. If you want to root your phone with system, follow this thread Rooting phones with system or if you want to make use of app follow this thread Root you Android Smartphone without a system or PC

I really want to keep this post very simple.

There are times when you don't have Data to browse on your phone and the only available browsing source is the available WiFi hotspot close to you be it your office or at home any one. With these app you can kill all those that are connected to the same hotspot with you in your office or at home.

But whenever you are connected to it, your siblings and colleagues are also browsing with the same hotspot you want to use..With these app you can kill all those that are connected to the same hotspot with you in your office hotspot or at home. I don't mean murder. I mean kill their WiFi signal.
Now am gonna show you a way to disconnect them without them knowing you're behind it..

They will only think that the network is very slow that day. But the thing is that you are now the controller of the WiFi Hotspot and anybody who connects, after you have pursed the remaining will show up in the app. And then you can block them again. 

Steps to make this work.. 

1. Firstly you have to download the app here .. Now install the app.. 

2. After installation completes, don't open the app immediately just click on Done.. 

3. Now connect to the WiFi Hotspot you want to use and then open the application(WiFi kill) and you will see other devices listed there that are also connected to the same WiFi Hotspot with you. 

4. Now Just click on one and then you will see grab or you can see grab all down.. After grabbing, you will now press the kill key.. Then click on the next victim and press the grab key then the kill key follows.. 

5. Now Watch the way your people will start complaining of slow network while you gather the whole speed of the Hotspot.. 

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