Wednesday, 31 December 2014

How to use Facebook built in messenger rather than downloading the Facebook Messenger.. Learn how..

Recently Facebook has been going worldwide but still facing some problems in some Countries. That is some over religious Country. But one thing with this Facebook is that it connects you with your friends and Family. One thing hindering the excitement in Facebook is that you have to download the Facebook messenger before you would be able to reply to your messages. After some limited time of using the Facebook inbuilt messenger.

And some disadvantages about using the Facebook messenger is that when ever you want to send or reply a message, you have to leave the mean Facebook app and then go to another app(Facebook Messenger).

I know most of you must have experienced the same thing with me. You have been looking for way to quit that messenger that doesn't display the person full profile to you making it kinda uninteresting.. And maybe your data could be on and you were the d middle of something, a little face will just pop up disturbing you interference.

Now to the trick.. The trick is very easy but if you find any problem just let me know..

1. Firstly Open your Facebook application but make sure you uninstall the Facebook Messenger before open the Facebook.
2. Now go to the main Facebook Application and go to your message menu.. You will see something lie Get App or.
3. Click on "Get App" and then I advise you to download the Facebook Messenger with the Google Playstore but you can use other Android Store applications..

Now here is the trick.: When downloading of the messenger is in Progress, cut your data connection when progress reaches 50% or around.. Cutting the data connection makes the download cut, and thereby tricking and making Facebook believe that the messenger has finished downloading into your phone.

After that, cancel the download.. And then switch on your data connection and then open your Facebook Application .. And you are good to go...

Hope the information was useful... If this doesn't work for you, just drop a comment of the problem.. But don't download the messenger completely if not, the trick won't work.

And if it works for you, you can share it with your friends who are also looking for same solution..
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