Tuesday, 17 March 2015

MTN Bis is back and rocking well on Android devices.. Latest..

Recently, MTN Bis seemed to stop which really angered so many people even parents too especially my people.Ever since then, I have always been looking for a way to make the MTN bis come back to life on my phone. But to no avail. So I was reading a post in one of my favourite site YomiProf which was about MTN Bis coming back so I decided to share it with you guys..

There is no much difference, with all your setting and every every the same, you just have to change your style of sending the BBCDAY to 21600. If you use that, you wont be able to browse with it on your system and smartphones. After reading the post on my bro's blog, I immediately tried it out and it working perfectly for me..

How to get the MTN Bis working on your Android phone once again/ How can I get the MTN Bis working on my Android Phone and PC 
>> Load the sim card with #100 so that maximum
>> Instead of sending BBCDAY to 21600 send BBMIDID to 21600

After that, you get a message saying Welcome to MTN BBMIDID you have 15mb ignore the message just the same way I ignored mine.

Bear in mind that your simple server settings and APN i.e MTN original APN remains the same.. Connect and browse till your battery runs down just the same way you used it on BBCDAY...

Drop your comments in case you encounter any problem. I Remain faithful.

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