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Top Ten(10) Android Best Antivrius application.. Check them out..

Good day everyone hope we all having a great day. Well for me I thank God. I have always wanted to share this post but I get caught doing something else but today its going to be different. You know when it comes to Android phones, protecting our phone is always our utmost priority. Thanks to all the android developers and apps developers..

So today am going to share with you lovely viewers the top best Android Antivirus applications for your android phone with their download links.. hope you enjoy the post.. Now starting from the lead.. We have

Protect your mobile device with the 360security, a top application that optimally protects your Android device at its best. It is capable of freeing up space for you to install more apps. It unique display makes it so attractive when in use.. Some Features of the app includes;
>>Antivirus Engine
>>Phone Cleaner
>>Memory Booster
>>Accelerator & Power-Saver
>>Data Monitor
>> Firewall
>>Vault.. Download 360Security

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus
Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus is a common antivirus app amongst most Android users. It saves time and also battery and also memory and data. I know most people are kinda complaining about fast data consumption on their Android phones and they are all looking for solutions to that.

Well with this app and also other apps, you can apply a firewall to block most apps you don't want to touch your data. But your phone has to be a rooted phone. If you wanna learn how to root your phone, you can visit here..Learn how to root your Phone without Computer.

Download AVAST! Antivirus here

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus
ESET mobile antivirus from its name, it sets everything that's not in place in place by scanning and flushing out all the errors from your Android phone. I love this app cause what it says it does. But action speaks louder than voice maybe you can try this out and i believe you won't be disappointed with this and with all the other applications. Some Features of the Apps:
>>Automatic scan of downloaded files for virus, Trojans and Spywares and more
>>Anti-Theft activated by SMS commands- Remote lock, Remote Siren, GPS location and Remote Wipe.
>>Quarantine holds are potential threats on you Device so that the don't infect other files and also system
>> On demand scan that can be activated any-time.

Download ESET Mobile Security App here

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android deliver the latest mobile security and technologies to your device which includes its real time agility to wipe away corrupted files and folders for free. The core essential protection is absolutely free.

Some of the features of the app includes:
>> Advanced Anti-Theft protection, full wipe, Mugshot, lock and locate
>> An active Antivirus scanner: Runs an on-demand malware scan of your device
>> Calls and Text filter: Protects you from unwanted calls and sms.
>> Privacy Protection: Allows you to hide confidential documents and files from prying eyes.

Download link:

Avira Antivirus Security

Many application are available that claim to protect a device, but few excel like Avira Antivirus Security. This app is highly recommended for the security-conscious users. Downloading this app wont be a regret of tomorrow. Fixed bugs.

Some other features of the app includes:

>>Blacklist unwanted contacts
>> Protects your data from theft
>> Helps you locate a lost/misplaced android phone
>> Keeps your Android device free from Malware
>> Doesn't drain battery

Download link here:

Norton Security and Antivirus
Norton Security and Antivirus: An antivirus that protects you from virus and it also Blocks Web Malware and Spy online to stop phishing out your important document, like your password and other private files and also private history.

Some other Features of Norton Security:

>> Blocks unwanted calls and also messages from disturbing contact
>> Sneek Peek uses the inbuilt webcam to take a photo of anyone using the device if it gets stolen or lost
>> Finds your lost Device.
>> Scan and removes apps that can slow and harm your device.
>> Uses sms to remotely lock your device if stolen or lost.

Download link here: Norton Antivirus

NetQuin Antivirus
NetQuin Antivirus which is an award winning mobile security app that provides complete security and privacy protection for over million users around the world. It doesn't only provide security and privacy protection,it also assists you in online banking and internet services and it is also a phone booster unlike Avast.

Some other features includes:
>>Powerful mobile optimization
>>Unique interface
>>Speed Booster
>>Life time security

Download link:

AVG antivirus protects your device and data from harmful viruses, malware, spyware and phishing sites that always get your information without your knowledge. With AVG, you will receive effective, easy to use malware and virus protection, as well as a real time app scanner, task killer, app locker and local device wipe to help shield your device from online threats and installed potential risk apps.

Some other features includes:

>> Kills apps that slows than your device
>> Locates your lost phone via Google Maps
>> Browse the web safely & securely
>> Scans apps, setting, files and media in real-time
>> Monitors battery usage, storage and data package usage

Download link:

Lookout Mobile Security
Lookout Mobile Security which is one of the top Android Antivirus app and also a good backup manager for our data. Lookout helps you locate your phone whenever it gets lost.. When you're logged in with your email in the app, you can visit their portal.. to get information and also the whereabout of your phone.. It backups your data and saves it online.. Perfect protection from malware.. Over 50million customers trust this app.

Some other features includes:

>>App scanning: Scans downloaded files in the device and look out for the phone
>> Lost and Found: When lost, you can control the device behaviour from the site to make the phone scream..
>> Contact Backup: Backup your data with ease.. A perfect antivirus and a good backup app..

Download Lookout Mobile Security here

Bit Defender
Bit Defender one of the good Antivirus app for a perfect phone. Its faster, has a new interface and better connection with your files and OTA.. Scans the system and defends it from all the bad guys and intruders from getting your vital information and also checking out your private files..
Some other features of the app includes

>> Privacy Advisor: Shows you how installed apps use, and possibly abuse your personal information
>> Malware Scanner: Independently tested to detect 100% of bad stuffs in your device.
>> Anti;Theft: Allows you lock, wipe, track and even send SMS command to do perform certain actions on a stolen phone or lost device.

Download Link:

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