Thursday, 26 March 2015

Top Rooting tools or Application to use and Root your Android Smartphones..

Today am gonna talk about the top apps you can use in order to root your phones incase the other one fails you.. I know most people have tried rooting their phones but to no avail. So the opted into rooting their phones with System. So now let me give you some top apps that can be used to root your phones. If you root your Android, you can be able to hack android apps that requires coins and also buy unlimited amount of game coins thereby making it be like fun games.

First on my list is

1. iRoot:
I love iRoot because it roots almost allphones. But when rooting a phone, it requires internet which I think is a challange. But apart from that, it roots all phone.thanks to the developers. Here is the link to download iRoot. So if you are asking yourself what is root, and how does it work, then check out this thread. Rooting Phones. Download the iRoot apk here

2. vRoot: I really don't know much about this vRoot because i personally haven't made use of it.
But i believe it also does what iRoot does. It roots and successfully installs Su into your rom.
So if iRoot fails you, try this app. Download here

3. Towelroot: This apps graphic is really great for a Rooting tools apps. But well its also one of the good rooting apps out there for rooting an android device with ease especially Samsung Galaxy s5 and other Samsung Galaxy phones. Do you need to root your BB10 phones, then Download this app here

4. Root Genius: One of good apps amongst the best. It roots phones from companies like Samsung, LG, HTC. When ever one of the rooting apps fails to root your phone you can always give this one a try. I know it won't let you down nor your handwork. Download it here

5. eRoot: eRoot just like every other apps, does its works well.But am having issues with After rooting, you won't be able to do somethings.. I really don't have much to say about this app but its PC software is the bomb. But when it comes to apk, I really don't know what to say about it. Download the app here

6.Framaroot: Framaroot which is also one popular numerous apps which roots apps with it Boromir installation mode. Framaroot is really reliable and helps to root stubborn apps too. But action speaks louder than voice. If other apps failed you, then download this one. Download the apk here

7. Kingroot: Kingroot is a powerful and most reliable free Android Rooting app made by Chinese developer with the help of this tool you can root your Android Smartphones or tablets with just one click button, the developers of kingroot regularly provide updates that support latest devices. The latest version of Kingroot is v3.4.8 and you can download the full APK file here below are the link to download.. download here

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