Monday, 3 August 2015

How to Connect a BB10 phones to send files and receive them through Flashare/Xender

Running flashshare on a BB10 phone is really hard and frustrating.. But today am gonna show you a very simple trick on how to go about it.. Believe me when you try this out home, you will know am not joking when it comes to tips and tricks on how to make use of any android device be it a BB, Sony, Samsung, etc name it.. We trash their pride here by giving you simple tricks and tutorials on how to make them do what ever you want it to do..

When it comes to flash-share, BB10s can only join, you can't create. So you will have to create using the android phone want 2 share files with by switching on the Hotspot, then go and turn on your(the BB10) WiFi and search, you will see that android's WiFi network that came up as a result of the connection it created, click on it 2 pair...

then go back 2 your own flashshare/xender and press the join connection, when it finish searching, click on the discovered device to Join it.. Then immediately, the two gadgets will pair asap.

Try this and let me know if it works for you.. I remain Humble and loyal.. Like our page on facebook and also like us on google+

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