Monday, 3 August 2015

MTN Free Browsing On Android Phone With Latest Simple Server APK

Recently, it has been really good for android users when it comes to data for browsing.. Firstly, we were flexing the 2015mb and then the 7.5gb and 20gb and 15gb all came out.. I know most of us enjoyed it... Well it seems to have stopped. I know most people are still flexing the Glo Bis which is 1k for 3gb and also the Airtel 1500 for 4gb.. Well far from that, MTN has seem to have been the only network that we are currently getting free things from and am kinda happy with their services and I pray the continue with it for the betterment of the nation..

Well now am going to present this to you.. Its a Simple settings you just have to do yourself in other to make this tweak work..

Firstly, you will need to download SimpleServer Latest Version Here..
After that, you have to configure the app.. Now need for you to touch your phone's settings.. It's going to work perfectly...

Launch the app and then go to setting and configure the following as:
i) Injection Query:
ii) Injection host:

And that's all if it doesn't work, let me know and i will give you a list of servers to try out from.. Good luck..

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