Monday, 3 August 2015

How to Stop "Sales Tracker Stopped Unexpectedly" in your Tecno N9 phone..

After paying for a good phone to do whatever you want it to do, and as time goes on, you might want to format the phone and you mistakenly forgot to backup your data, and after wiping and clearing everything, the phone becomes brand new just the same way you bought it.

But as you're setting up the phone, you will start getting a message like "Sales Tracker Stopped Unexpectedly" which is really frustrating and annoying and whenever the message comes on, you won't be able to do any other thing with the phone because the message will be coming up and up till you do something about it which am about to show you.

Firstly my candid advice: Whenever you want to format your android phone be it any other tecno model or any other phone manufacturer company product, always backup the phone in order to prevent something like this in the future after successfully wiping the memory.

So now back to work: As you format your phone, instead of the phone leaving the inbuilt apps, it goes and mistakenly delete the Sales tracker app which then causes that message to always come up because a system app has been removed.

So if you want to deal with the problem, I advice you to root your phone first or you can not root it if you're scared of rooting phones. But root the phone if you want to gain faster and quicker solution to the problem. But all the same, whether you root it or not, its still going to work.

After rooting the phone, if you quick enough, you can operate the phone within the period time you going to press the ok Button.. You have to be really quick for this to work..

Download the missing app "Sales Tracker App" <<<here>>>
After downloading, install the app into your device..
Try and be quick when installing the app when done, reboot your Android device and watch the wonder after the phone starts up again.

For more assistance, drop a comment and I will be quick to reply you with ease and really fast.. Thanks for stopping by to read this post..

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