Saturday, 6 December 2014

Airtel 1+1 promo for Xmas Bonanza get 4gb for 1500 valid till 31t december

December things are already here and bonanza and awoof things on point now its Airtel that is putting smiles on their customers
faces like mine and my friends before the year runs off.

Trusted sources has confirmed the authenticity of this promo and its real. And it works perfectly well on Android Phones but hope you have tweaked your Android Imei for the Airtel Bis to work well on your Android phone.

And if you haven't you can learn how to do that Swap Your Android Imei with that of Blackberry

 Grab this Airtel Bonanza while it last offer valid till 31st December 2014. Your Imei must be change before this can work on your phone cause its a BB something.

If you have any problem, let me know by commenting and if you like the post you can share it for the benefits of your friends and relatives.

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