Monday, 8 December 2014

How to see what and what are taking your Android Phone memory

Trying to find space on your phone can be frustrating. Manually searching for the biggest culprits can be arduous and ineffective. Enter: MemoryMap. The app helps optimize space on your Android phone by showing you
precisely what is eating up your GB. optimiser memoire stockage android memory map teaser
MemoryMap might change the way you use internal storage on your Android phone./ © ANDROIDPIT Let’s be clear: MemoryMap isn’t a cache cleaner. It gives you a visual representation of where your files are stored and how much space they’re taking up.

The more space they take up on the screen, the more space they’re taking up on your hard drive.memory map one android storage Memory Map shows you how your Android storage is being used. / © MEMORY MAP Use these five tips to boost your Android's performance Smaller files don’t escape the gaze of MemoryMap.

You can zoom in to see details from even the smallest files. You can even color-code certain categories. For example, if you’re worried your music collection is getting out of hand, MemoryMap highlights the files in one neat package. memory map two android storage Memory Map search options allow you find files by names and by modification date. / © MEMORY MAP

Now that MemoryMap has helped you find your evasive files, it’s up to you to delete them. MemoryMap currently runs on Android 2.3 and up. The free version does the trick nicely, but if you’re adverse to advertisements, try the paid version.

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