Saturday, 20 December 2014

Free 6000 Bonus Airtime on your MTN Sim Christmas Jolly

MTN is giving out free 6000 bonus minutes to the lucky people for call one or two best friends.
To check if your MTN SIM is part of the luck SIM that received the promo. Just Dial *559*10#
You can only use this 6000 bonus minutes to call your partner which is your best friend forever.

You Need to Add Your Partner Number Before You Can Be Able
to Use This Bonus

  • To add a partner dial *560*1*Number# E.g *560*1*08033445566#
  • If you are on True Talk or Smooth Talk package, you may dial *380*1*Phone Number# to add your partner.
  • And if you are on iPulse package, dial *390*1*Phone Number# to register your best friend forever.
  • To delete registered number on True talk and Smooth talk, dial *380*2#
  • To delete registered number on iPulse, dial *390*2#
Note: You can only add one best friend for Smooth Talk Package and Two best friends for True Talk package.
As I said earlier the Bonus is for the luck SIMs not for all SIM, if you dial *559*10# and you met it there, that is your own luck, keep rock and enjoy it with your beloved one. Christmas Jolly. If it doesn't work for you, you just have to keep calm and stick to SirAlex who knows the next one will favor you alone

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