Thursday, 6 November 2014

Download up to 10gb data with Etisalat Pay As You Go(PAYG) which isworking well on all device

Etisalat for me is the best network ever for me. Imagine am even rocking Blackberry subscriptions on my Android phone.

If you need it, just inbox me in my gmail account. So back to the main thing. Etisalat's PAYG which is like if you browse for 5min, #15naira will be deducted from your account.

So imagine is you had #300 in your phone, you would be browsing for approximately for 100min. Which is 1hr and 40min.

With that you, can download an application of 10gb and even 15gb. So game freaks this trick is for you and all of you that your pending download are waiting for you to subscribe 300gb to complete them,  forget them.

How to subscribe to Etisalat PAYG.
1. Dail *229*5*7# and then you will be opted into the Etisalat PAYG

2. To unsubscribe or opt out, just dail *229*0#.

I advice those with things to download should opt into this plan. But if you are a normal browser, don't think of entering this plan. 

If you have issues, drop a comment and I would be glad to reply you when I see it

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