Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How to use two Whatsapp Accounts in one Phone

Have you ever imagined yourself controlling two whatsapp accounts on one phone? Well today am going to show you how to do that.

How to activate the trick.

First of all you have to backup your current whatsapp data. So you will be able to restore you conversation on the new one.

1. Backup you current Whatsapp conversation..

See image below

2. Now you have to clear your other whatsapp data by going to setting and then app. See image below. Download OGwhatsapp Here

3. Now goto Files and then goto memory card and then locate whatsapp and rename it to OGWhatsapp

After that, download and install OGwhatsapp here .

4. When installing, put in the number of the whatsapp accounts that was in the other whatsapp. After that,  restore your backup data.

Now open the original whatsapp, and now you can put in the new number you want. If you have any problem just alert me. And if you loved the post you can share it on your social networks...

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