Monday, 3 November 2014

How to Hack or Crack window Admins Password

Hey Friends, Today we are going to learn a different way to hack admin password in windows xp using Backtrack ,a linux variant .

This tutorial is for the newbies and noobs and I have made everything clear and easily understandable .This trick works 100% on all PC's ,Laptops, Servers. Basically , We know that Microsoft windows xp stores all the passwords in SAM file located in Windows directory.

What we are going to do is getting that file to crack the password.We are using Backtrack to copy the sam file , because the sam file and folder is inaccessible through windows explorer.

So, Backtrack is used for this as, it has raw access to hard disk content. Now we have the sam file so, we will use some tools to get password from sam file.

So , here goes the tutorial ,
>>> Requirements: BackTrack Linux 4 or 5.
Download it from One pen drive(above 4gb)
Xp Free Fast RainBow table [].
Download it from

*Install the Backtrack Linux in the pen drive with small amount of persistent memory.
Step 1: Booting From Back Track Insert the pen drive in target computer[when turned off]. We are going to boot the operating system from pen drive, so insert when the system is turned off.
Now Turn on the system. Press F10 [boot menu, differs for system] before booting and select boot from Pen drive. Now it will boot the Backtrack.
Select "Graphical User Interface " Now wait for a while ( it will execute some commands} Now you can see the "root:" type "startx" and hit enter. It will bring you to the GUI view of Backtrack.

Step 2:Copy the SAM and System files Click the Start button(dragon symbol) Select System Menu Select Storage Media(if you see nothing, close the window open it again). You can see the list of Hard disk and Your pen drive.
Open the windows installed Hard disk and Navigate to this path: WINDOWS/system32/config/ There you can see two files named as "SAM" and "System".
Copy both SAM and system files . [ Just proceed to next step without closing the window] Create a new folder in the desktop and paste the files inside.

Step 4: Run OphCrack Tool in Backtrack Open the ophcrack GUI(start->Backtrack->Privilege Escalation->Password Attack->offline Attacks-ophCrack GUI).

Step 5: Loading the folder that contains sam and system files Click the Load and select "Encrypted SAM" in ophcrack tool. Now it will ask you to select directory that contains SAM folder. Select the directory where you saved the SAM file. Now it will load and display the list of user accounts in the windows.

Step 6: Targetting the Admin Account Here i am going to hack the one of the administrator account of my computer. So remove all other accounts except the target admin account.

Step 7: The Rainbow Table Extract the "" file in the desktop. Click the Table button in ophcrack tool. Now it will ask you to selec the table. Select the "XP free fast" and click the install button. Now browse to the Rain bow table directory "tables_xp_free_fast" Now click ok.

Step 8: Cracking The Password. Click the Crack button. Wait for a while [ophcrack is the fastest cracking tool. so it will take a little bit of time]

Step 9: Now Password is cracked After cracking is done on ophcrack, the admin password will show up in the window.

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