Tuesday, 4 November 2014

How to Recover or Retrieve your memory card lost/forgotten password

Most people have lost hope in trying to remember their Memory Card (MMC) password.

And some also think that if you have lost the password, that's gonna be the end of the MMC well you're 100% wrong.

Today am gonna be sharing with you a way to Retrieve forgotten password
with your phone.

==> Open your File Explorer (i.e Root Explorer, Xplorer, Appman)

==> Search for "MMCSTORE" when found, Save it somewhere else

==> Send the copy you made to you Computer

==> Now open Computer and Open the  MMC and locate where you kept the MMCSTORE you copied. Open it with Notepad in your PC or any word processor.

After that you will see your Password. Rock this trick its for real. Borrow a computer if you  Don't have any and follow this trick

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