Saturday, 8 November 2014

Infinix Hot X507 Coming soon

Its almost the end of the year 2014 and Infinix wants you to celebrate christmas with a new phone. A very reliable source has CONFIRMED to Us that Infinix will launch another device before christmas. This device will be named Infinix HOT X507. Infinix HOT X507 HOT X507 is built for the flashy and colourful people in the society. This device will be available in different amazing colours to suit your taste and did I forget to mention? That the new HOT X507 will
come with a low price tag , which means it will be very affordable.

Have a quick look at the Key specs ;

Screen Size : 5.0 Inches.

Camera : 5.0MP Back , 2.0MP Front  

RAM : 1GB   

Os: Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Internal Memory :16GB

Battery : 2000mAh

Full specs will be published when the device has been launched. The launch date hasn’t been confirmed , but we speculate it to be late november or early december 2014 What To Expect From Infinix In 2015?

Its been a successful year for infinix and so we expect them to Enter 2015 in grand style. We can confirm to you that Infinix Zero 2 is already in the making. This device will be the successor to Infinix Zero. From the info we’ve gotten so far , Infinix zero will be very slim , slimmer than any other infinix device.

It will also come with very a solid and premium design. Zero 2 will be launched early next year , possibly Late january or early february 2015. Until then , Keep your fingers crossed. Source:

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