Saturday, 1 November 2014

How to Unlock your Android if you have forgotten your security code.. or password.

Most people have forgotten their security code and most of them have tried several codes to unlock the

phone but to no avail

And it can be really frustrating for that kind of thing to happen to you.

So now am gonna share with you a very smart and easy way to unlock your Android phone..

Works for MTK phones

==> firstly all you have to do is to switch off/power off the phone..

==> then after that, when trying to switch on the phone back, Hold the Power button and the volume Down button

==> then backup the phone data into your memory card... Remove the mcard

==> after successfully backing up, go to wipe data or factory reset the phone.

==> after that, put turn on the phone. after turning it on, off it again and the go to restore backup data and

locate the backup  where you kept it..

==> Restore the data and all your applications will be back in a minute when you turn the phone on..

Then for Non-MTK phones, like samsung and the rest,

==> turn the phone off.

==> when trying to switch on the phone, Hold the power button together with the Volume down and Up

button held together and the home button and the back and also minimize button.

==> after that a window will pop up then back up the data of the phone to the mcard and then remove the

mcard and then factory reset the phone..

==> restore the data after you are done wiping it...

Now you can enjoy your phone and now you can apply a new security to it but try not to forget it this tym around o.. If you have issues with the process, a comment will be okay and you will be quickly attended to..

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  1. Bomb now I can unlock them. But how can I change my Samsung Galaxy imei