Monday, 10 November 2014

How To Bypass the whatsapp new blue ticks

For people who need more than two ticks to verify if their messages have been read, congratulations! Whatsapp recently introduced a new feature which ensures that your message has been read. Previously we just had two ticks – One tick meant the message has left your phone and is in transit while the two ticks meant the message is on the receivers phone but he may or may not have read the message. But now with the introduction of the blue colored ticks the sender can rest assured that his message has been read if he sees the blue colored ticks.

Why the new Blue colored ticks?

Well the two ticks lead to a lot of confusion. Say A sends a message to B, A will see two ticks if the message is delivered to B’s phone. But B may not have read the message necessarily. Even if B is online, chances are he might not have opened A’s messages and may be is busy talking to others.
whatsapp ticks meaning
The emergence of those blue ticks tend to solve that problem at least. But it creates a whole new set of even complicated problems. Imagine a situation where you’ve had a tough day and are too busy to reply to conversations but at the same time you cannot miss reading them due to whatever reasons. The sender will see two blue ticks whenever you read the conversation and it might cause problems if you don’t reply back. So how to bypass this?
It’s simple! Here’s how you can do it:
1. Turn on your internet connection and let all the messages arrive to your phone.
2. Once they’re on your phone, turn your internet connection off. Make sure you turn off both WiFi and data network.
3. Now open Whatsapp and read the conversation.
4. Close Whatsapp. Turn on internet if you want to. Reply whenever you feel like replying.
This will ensure that the sender doesn’t get a message read confirmation and you can reply whenever you are in a mood to reply.
Update 1: Well this trick worked on Galaxy S3, Moto G and Moto E when I tried it.
Update 2: A friend just confirmed that it works for iPhone too.
Along with the Blue ticks, Whatsapp also introduced another feature which gives you complete information about each message you send to a person or in a group. It gives you information like – when the message was delivered, when was it read or if it’s an image file when it was viewed, if it’s an audio clip or a video when was it heard or viewed.
How to See the Whatsapp Message Info?
1. Open a chat with a Whatsapp contact or a group.
2. Tap and hold on a message you’ve sent and tap on the “info” icon.
The message information screen shows the following:
  • When the message was delivered to the recipient.
  • When the recipient has read the message or opened the file you sent.
This not only works for personal messages but also for messages that you send in a group. Now you get to know who exactly in a group reads your messages and who simply ignores them!


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